Lifestyle photographer for a Cumbrian way of life

Lifestyle photography with life as well as style

Lifestyle Photographer in Carlisle, Cumbria

Sam Foster of Tribal Images specialises in creating a photograph that’s all about your tribe.

If it’s people, it might be a family portrait with you all together somewhere special. Or it might be sports teams at play, working groups, outdoor events or cultural gatherings – Tribal Images are all about capturing the people and the personalities in your tribe.

Sam Foster explores what you enjoy together, how you interact and your special places near Carlisle and across the Lakes and Cumbria. Then she puts all of it into great photographs.

And if it’s more about capturing a place, a venue or products, then Sam’s commercial photography approach is unique to Tribal Images. She takes a Cumbrian context and shows how life is lived in this part of the world – to the max.

To me, lifestyle photography is about showing life at its best with a dose of style too. I’ve worked on interiors shots for magazines, food photography, leisure and outdoor pursuits and, of course, people. My combination of life and style is what makes each image special.

Tribal Images Lifestyle Photographer Carlisle, Cumbria

Making the most of Carlisle, Cumbria and the Lake District

If you’re looking for distinctively Cumbrian lifestyle images then Sam Foster knows the city of Carlisle well and uses the landscapes and particular places of North Cumbria all the time in her work.

And she’s worked on plenty of events and happenings in this part of the world too, capturing the lifestyle, life and style of Cumbria on camera from every angle.

I love this part of the world and its contrasts. There’s a location for every style and purpose in and around Carlisle and I enjoy the challenge of finding the perfect place for every image.

Commercial creativity

Whether you’re a band developing your image or a hospitality business wanting to capture the character of your food and venue, Tribal Images could have the ideal approach.

As well as the photo shoot itself, Sam can process your images for print, display, online or graphics – everything that you’d expect from a professional lifestyle photographer and with a strong Cumbrian flavour.

Lifestyle photographs find their way on to websites and social media, into magazines and brochures and on to walls and advertising posters too. I thoroughly enjoy working with commercial clients to make sure that the pictures from a photoshoot work hard for them in every format.

Commercial Lifestyle Photographer in Carlisle, Cumbria

Get in touch

Whatever you imagine for a lifestyle photograph, Sam enjoys developing images with imagination so please give her a call on 07966 035123 and see what you can create together.

Tribal Images Lifestyle Photographer in Carlisle, Cumbria