Professional Child Photographer For Cumbria's Youngest Tribe

A portrait photographer who captures children being children

Childrens Photographer in Carlisle, Cumbria

Sam Foster of Tribal Images is all about informal images with imagination and portraits with personality. She specialises in photoshoots that capture your children being children. Sam also works with the parents of new born babies to create simple but emotional images from a very special time in a new life.

Professional Child Photographer Carlisle, Cumbria

Capturing the character

Professional child photography is all about investing time and effort in planning so that the images look natural and effortless. Choosing suitable settings, often outdoors near Carlisle, and creating interactions are all vital. Then your children can forget the camera and get on with playing, laughing and being children.

I know with my own children that I want photographs to help me remember how they were. I try to make them informal shots that show children being children, with all the giggles and dirt that might involve!

Focused on innocence

Sam at Tribal Images works with each newborn baby’s parents to capture something very precious. Whether in her studio or at home with the baby, her setting and photographs are deliberately kept very simple. 

But simplicity can be complicated. It takes a lot of time, patience, great lighting and a willingness to wait – but the results are well worth it.


Baby Photographer in Carlisle, Cumbria
Tribal Images Children's Photography, Carlisle

Out and about in Cumbria

As a professional child photographer near Carlisle, Sam loves using Cumbria’s outdoor locations for family and child photography. These offer lots of opportunities for play and often create the most relaxed images that have a timeless quality and make great framed pictures too.

We’re so lucky to have woods and becks, fields and lakes where children and families can play together. I enjoy finding just the right locations around Carlisle for my child portrait clients.

Studio photographs with personality

Not all child or baby photography needs to be at home or outdoors. Sam’s informal style can be created in her studio near Carlisle too. From a cosy, gently-lit shot of a new born to a striking image of a teenager, Tribal Images bring out the personality of the sitter. That personality is then what makes memorable images that capture a particular moment in a child’s life.

Teenagers often hate having their photographs taken. That means a challenge for me to get them to relax and reveal a bit of themselves that I can then capture in a photograph. It’s a challenge that I love!

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Get in touch

If you’re looking for a professional child or baby photographer who’ll listen to what you’d like, then it’s worth speaking to Sam on 07966 035123 to explore her ideas and approaches and then create memorable pictures of your own tribe.

Tribal Images Childrens Photographer in Carlisle, Cumbria