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Baby Photographer in Carlisle, Cumbria

Sam Foster of Tribal Images is known for the clarity and simplicity of her photographs of new born babies. But creating simplicity can be complicated. Like any professional specialising as a newborn photographer, Sam prides herself on taking time and investing a lot of patience into capturing a unique image of an all-too-brief time in family life.

I work with each new born baby’s parents to capture something really precious. My photographs are deliberately kept very simple.  But it takes a lot of time, patience, great lighting and a willingness to wait – but I know the results are worth it.

Professional Baby Photographer Carlisle, Cumbria

Taken at home

Sam usually visits clients in their homes and works with parents on their ideas, coming up with the best way of photographing their new-born baby or older child.

During these photo sessions, she considers different lighting options, comfort and cosiness, clarity and freshness for the final images. And, of course, she knows how best to capture the character that’s already taking shape. Tribal Images are known for an informality and liveliness but Sam’s baby photographs also have a peace and simplicity too.

Focused on innocence

New born babies grow up fast. That’s why Sam loves to work with parents in the first days that their baby is at home, focusing on the innocence of a newborn’s features and expressions. Getting the light right is crucial to the style of any photograph and Sam knows how to set things up to look cosy but also clear, clean and modern.

I love this aspect of my work. Parents often find it hard to imagine what I can do but, once they see the results, they understand the difference that a local professional photographer can make to a baby photo shoot.

Tribal Images Photography in Carlisle, Cumbria
Tribal Images Baby Photography, Carlisle

Carlisle studio photoshoot

If clients prefer, Tribal Images can set up for newborn photography in the studio. Sam can get the temperature and atmosphere just right for a peaceful sleeping baby as well as capturing a few more alert shots. Everything starts with a conversation to work out what parents are looking for and how best to achieve it.

With so much of my work really close up to a newborn’s face, the location isn’t always crucial. I’m happy to talk to parents and then set up the baby photoshoot wherever’s best for them.

Printed for your home

Tribal Images can source a range of prints and applications of a baby’s photographs, from large canvases and prints for display to gift books for grandparents and everything in between.

Being based near Carlisle, I’ve built up a network of local Cumbrian suppliers near me who can take my images and reproduce them in all sorts of ways. The key thing is to show off the image as its very best.

Baby Photography from Tribal Images, Carlisle, Cumbria

Get in touch

Are you looking for a professional baby photographer near you? One who’ll listen to what you’d like, suggest ideas and approaches and then create memorable pictures of your baby, new born or a little older? Then it’s worth contacting Sam Foster at Tribal Images to find out more.

Tribal Images Baby Photographer Near Me in Carlisle, Cumbria